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The serious business of play

“The serious business of play: The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to encourage unstructured play and promote children’s healthy development, psychologists say.”
“Encourage “pretend play: Unlike board or card games, which have set rules to follow, pretend play allows children to come up with their own rules, games and stories. Pretend play that helps children develop their imaginations, hone their creativity and learn how to amuse themselves is key, says Russ. While pretend play may involve dolls, action figures, art supplies or blocks, it can also be as simple as couch cushions and blankets that become a fort, pots and pans that become musical instruments and natural materials like branches and pinecones that become parts of imaginary worlds. “That helps the child develop the ability to see lots of different uses for things,” says Russ. “You don’t need expensive toys.”
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