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Company coaching

A worldwide shift in awareness of the importance of not only physical health, but also mental health, is taking place. One of the silver linings of the pandemic we currently find ourselves in. And with this shift, a growing number of (global) companies and organisations are realising they, too, need to ‘up’ the care for their staff.

Over the past two months, I’ve been offering company coaching, discussing how COVID-19 basically turns us all inside out (physically as well as emotionally). I’ve been offering tips and tricks on how to provide ourselves with a lot more TLC, whether this is aimed at the deeper layers or just for the day-to-day ‘maintenance’ of our bio-computer.

I am loving the fact that, using the amazing technology available to us, these sessions can reach up to hundreds of people at the same time. And the feedback has been out of this world, only making it very clear how much this is a necessity (and understandingly so). My aim is to continue to normalise this type of support. It’s all interconnected. Mind, body and spirit. And if we only focus on one aspect, we truly are missing the bigger -and ever so important- picture.

Perhaps the following tips and tricks can support you and your family. They’re not expensive and can be done within minutes, yet make a massive difference and giving your system a break, a hug from the inside so to speak.. and that’s exactly how we built our resilience. By doing that, we tap into our power and can deal with pretty much anything that comes our way, which comes in pretty handy in times like these.

An epsom salt foot bath: the magnesium in the epsom salt calms your nervous system down (activating the parasympathetic rest and digest nervous system and cooling the jets of the fight or flight sympathetic nervous system) and the soles of your feet are really good at absorbing these goodies. Just make sure you drink enough water so your kidneys can process the magnesium (and check with your GP before using it, in case you are not sure whether your kidneys can handle this).

Just taking a couple of deep breaths (4 seconds in through your nose, 4 out through your mouth) is very relaxing to our system as a whole and may make us more aware of the fact that we may have gotten used to breathing way up high, only to stress out our bodies. Please invite your kids to join, and ask them to bring their favourite plushy. By putting it on their tummy, they can see it go up and down and they too become more aware of the fact that breathing like this is very relaxing (since, they too, currently most likely experience more anxiety).

Ginger shots with lime: These are my little life savers every single day. A major boost for your immune system due to their anti inflammatory properties. You can either make them yourselves or be ‘lazy’ and buy them like I do 🙂 

Massaging your feet with oil before you go to bed: Our feet store a lot of tension and so by massaging them, this is released. It can be a wonderful bit of quality time for you and your partner or you and your kids as well. 

Since coffee can make us feel ‘antsy’, try putting some peppermint oil in a diffuser: It gives you the same pick-me-up without the caffeine shot and this perhaps negatively impacting your sleep later on.

Lastly, alcohol and depression as well as sugar and anxiety LOVE one another. Please be mindful of that.