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Time To Celebrate!

By 21 augustus 2019februari 8th, 2024No Comments

At 15 years old, I knew exactly what I wanted to do work-wise. And was very driven to get there. I’ve always wondered where this drive came from and have come to realise it’s a calling. I’m called to doing this. It would cost me way more effort not to go there, as I noticed in earlier times in my career where I couldn’t work the way I thought was best. Ethical, dedicated, caring and yes -even in this field- with lots of fun and humor.

Self-care is one of the ways in which the beautiful families I work with get to a more centered place and feel their true power, as well as all the possibilities that lie in front of them. All the wonderful options to choose from instead of their never-ending worries due to the ridiculous pressure put on them by a lot of outside sources. And I think my angel mama was in on this. Me teaching others about self-care has kept me on a thriving path too. Well played, mama!

10 years ago today I registered my business-baby at the Chamber of Commerce. It’s been quite the ride since then. 5 years ago I quit my last part-time job as a school psychologist and started working for my practice full-time. I feel blessed beyond words and am eternally grateful for the trust and openness provided to me by the families I get to work with.

And like the tree in the logo, it’s an ever growing adventure. Slowly but surely I’m shifting to writing as much as coaching one-on-one. I’d like to share my message with a bigger audience and look forward to all the ways in which this is going to take place.